08.21.16Terry Plumb

I am writing on behalf of my son Sam. He is a big fan of yours (of course!) When he was in middle school he was hanging out with a crowd that was a bad influence on him. Fortunately he realized they were taking him down the wrong path and he severed ties. He started eating healthier and exercised and was able to lose 70lbs and (keep it off!) He started participating in church again and in High School he was the lead in Phantom of the Opera and Charlotte's Web. He started college at the University of Michigan and played Trombone in the marching band. He is taking two years off from his vocal music studies with Professor Stephen West to serve a full-time Christian mission. It would be very nice if you could send him a little note.
His contact info:
Elder Samuel Plumb
366 Quail Way
Fallon, NV 89406 USA

10.29.15Daryl Berry

Hello Brett;
I am one of your former students. Conga player Daryl. I saw your name on the web and thought I would drop you a note. The best time of my life was playin in the Jazz band at SIUE.


03.07.14larry williams

hi brett

perhaps you remember me from marshall high....i certainly remember you and your obvious talent....good to see someone follow their passion and make it work

i live in sw colorado....retired from social work, if you can believe that

02.09.14ed griffith

Hi. I recently purchased a trombone and I am interested in adult lessons. I live in Troy,IL so I am pretty close to campus. Do you offer lessons or do you know of anyone in the area that does?

Thanks! Ed Griffith

12.13.13Toni Jensen

Hi Brett!
I saw from your Facebook that you once visited Sacramento and became extremely ill there. I guarantee that should you come again, you will experience more gracious hospitality from my home, which is about 40 miles east, in Auburn! Let's be in touch!


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03.20.13Jerry Hoover

Dear Brett,

The band is poppin' on GIZMO'S REVENGE! It is a fun chart.

Do you have some others I might be interested in having?

Hope all is well!


02.08.13Paolo Barbieri

Hallo Mr Stamps,I'm shure you don't remember me.I was a your alumn in Spring 1978 Miami-Dade Community College on a Jazz workshop course,and in the same time I was working on a Italian ship as a musician.I want to thank you again for your precious lessons.Arrivederci!

01.29.13Jerry Hoover

Dear Brett,

I'd like to order your jazz chart, "GIZMO's REVENGE". Do you accept a University Credit Card? If not, please send me an invoice and I will get it processed immediately.

Many thanks!


11.17.12Tom Mills, Jr.

Hi Brett, I have the Kenton CD's ready to send, but need your mailing address, etc. Regards, Tom

10.08.12Larry Niehaus

Have you done any 5way bones/rhythm charts of standards? I have an old book that John Crain put together, a long time ago. I'm playing a wedding in December and I need more charts.

Larry Niehaus

09.12.12Eric Wik

Dear Brett Stamps,
Your interpretation of Emily is a masterpiece, truly. Shades of Carl Fontana, but with your magnificent emotional and driving approach. I'm glad I happened on your site. I expected to hear Fontana playing, but was rewarded with your brilliance. Best regards, Eric Wik

09.06.12Andrew Gipson

Brett, This is Andrew Gipson from Liberty Middle School in Edwardsville. The Madison County Band Directors Association will be hosting a Jazz Festival on February 2, 2013. You were our first choice for guest conductor and we would like to ask if you would be interested in working with our student? If available and interested please contact me and I will share with you the particulars of the event.
Hope you are enjoying your retirement!

07.03.12Jim Green, W&M 69

Brett, recordings sound great! (And I had only found the first before glancing around today.) Are you involved in the Cornet Chop Suey tours this summer? Best regards! Jim

07.03.12Tevin Simmons

Hi Brett, its Tevin Simmons. I need a letter of recommendation for school, would you mind writting me one.

06.28.12Judy Collins

Just letting you know that there is a board meeting Manday at 6:00 pm at Hodacks.

03.13.12Willie Day

Wow I love the In Irtrospect CD, I have a after middle school band in the Hazelwood School District, North County St. Louis and I was thinking of arranging a couple of the cuts as a Tronbone, Baritone sort of thing but rather than pick each note from the CD I thought I would see if the score was available for purchase. Please let me know so we can purchase. What a great CD. GYH Q4B

01.04.12Scott Vignassi

Hey Bret, I have Bill Watrous coming in to do a concert with my little big band on Friday, the 24th of February and I would really appreciate any help I could get at getting the word out to students/faculty/anyone else that may be interested. Any questions, please give me a call at: 618-975-0634. Thanks!

11.17.11Martha Campbell Roberts

I will always remember the first time I saw you at SIUE. You were wearing your earth shoes. I hope you're still fun. Congrats on your CD. I married a trumpet player, Lloyd Roberts. We live in Alton and both work for the City of Alton. He still plays. I only play at church and in Muny Band. Do you think you might be interested in playing with the band in the summer some time? I'm the manager.

08.08.11Dave Stamps


05.09.11Ben Henderson

Hi Brett,

Though we've met I haven't communicated much so I'll re-introduce myself. We played a couple gigs together for Geoff Keough in St. Charles at the riverfront a few years back. I'm the trumpet player.

What would be your recommedation for a good jazz theory book (or series)? Is there such a thing as a jazz chord thesaurus? I appreciate your advice!

I was disappointed to hear Reggie Thomas is leaving. Great pianist!

Thanks for your help. Ben

02.11.11Gregg Clemons


I am writing to see if your Jazz Band might be interested in having me come in to do a show as a guest entertainer. I have 2, 4, and 6 part horn charts as well as guitar, piano, bass, and drums charts. Below is a link to a short compilation video of a recent show.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


Please take a look at my new 2011 demo video. It is a short compilation of a recent live show.

Please visit my web site: www.greggclemons.com

12.31.10Eynard Henri

Dear Sir,
Happy New Year 2011

I would like to invite you, your pupils and trombonist friends to visit the CD collection on my website (see address below). My goal is to gather as many trombones CD’s as possible to create a substantive database. You may, if you wish, use this database to promote your latest recordings and more know in France and World, if you want offer my some yours Cds, where I will create a link to your site.
If you know someone who might be interested, please forward this message.
Can you put a link on your web site?

I do not make trade but only of publicity by the site if some Cd are offered to me.
I very enjoy if you give me a Cd. for pub for you.

Thank you in advance.
Best wishes,

My Space


My address:
Henri Eynard
2 rue Jean Giraudoux
29200 Brest France